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The Ship has two lips!Save save save! Ah, the joys of learning phonics. For some children, like my eldest, it comes to them as easily as rain falls in a summer shower. For others, like another of my children, it is initially as easily understandable as is deciphering next years's tax codes.

If your child doesn't get it the first time, do not despair! Remember, it might just be that your child has a specific learning that another approach would help convey the material. can you find it?

Until now, you would have had to do all the above research yourself. But here at Lingstar Learning, I've compiled the following time-saving useful reading enrichment aids:

  • Reading Enrichment - Want to help your child make the connection between any children's book and actual reading? This is what I created to teach my daughter how to read! Over 300 printable colorful, creative phonics worksheets and manipulatives (for example, the picture you see above is from the -ip family, the ship has two lips) that you can customize to exactly your child's needs, opportunities to focus upon dozens of specific word families and incorporate them into your child's current interest and much more!
  • The official Comprehensive Phonics Resource Map - a wealth of sites and data that will cut through the confusion and send you directly to the information your child needs. Included are precise pointers to:
    • 100s of FREE phonics software programs and exercises
    • Dozens of online learning resources (many with a month free trial)
    • More!

    And this is not simply a collection of links to various/sundry places online. I've carefully organized all of these phonics resources into an importable, categorized favorites list that you can simply read into your browser and have at your fingertips. Learn more HERE!

Teaching your child to read requires more than just rote phonics mastery , of course. After watching my 4.5 year old daughter struggle to make the connection between words and concepts, I developed my own curriculum of teaching her how to read. A combination of encouragement, printed manipulatives, favorite activities and more, she now understands how to blend sounds and take the risk of reading new material. This process was the 3rd method I tried and the one that struck gold. Click HERE to see how I did it.

Finally, here are other products you might want to consider for your children.


Based in Central NJ, Lingstar Learning is dedicated to giving every child the tools needed to create miracles. Contact us at 732-203-1194 to see what we can do for you!

Enjoy your visit!
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