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Lingstar Learning - Spark the love of learning in your child today.  Phonics, math, gifted, LD or learning disabled, every child has the ability to succeed.

Looking for some great resources to help your child make the connection about math, phonics and more? You've come to the right place!:

Welcome!  Lingstar LearningAs a parent, you want your child to surpass his or her potential. But some children learn differently than others...what works brilliantly for one student might leave another student cold. The result? A child who views schooling as a painful fact of life. It doesn't have to be.

That's where Lingstar Learning comes in! We specialize in providing educational and academic resources that spark the love of learning in your child. We understand each child is unique and has his or her own optimal learning style...and take great measures in providing for all of their needs. Compiled in a comprehensive, unique research style containing hundreds if not thousands of valuable sites, each Lingstar Learning product will give you the keys to personally researching what will work best for your own child.

Every child has the right to succeed...and all children have the ability to surpass their own expectations (just think of their pride when they can advance to a compelling series like the Warriors or Harry Potter! Not only that, but they could then also benefit from resources like Kids Experiments and Kids Reading too. It's only a matter of discovering the right key that unlocks the wealth of ability your child possesses.

Based in Central NJ, Lingstar Learning is dedicated to giving every child the tools needed to create miracles. Contact us at 732-203-1194 to see what we can do for you!

Enjoy your visit!
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