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Tactile/Kinesthetic learners grasp ideas through doing. They learn best when physically engaged in a "hands on" activity. He or she involves all their senses (touch, sight, etc.) to understand the lesson. In the classroom, they might thrive in a setting where they can actively use different materials from stations to absorb new information...they learn best when they can be physically active in the learning environment.

At home, giving the opportunity to manipulate resources pertaining to their studies can be a great benefit. For example, instead of providing straight multiplication exercises, gather small items like beans or cards (if your child adores card games like Pokemon or Yugioh, you can really grab the attention by using these), set them up in 3 piles of 4, and have them count the total. Actively regrouping the items physically demonstrates the concept of multiplication.

Want another example? Suppose you're trying to teach your child phonics and how to blend sounds. Choose a colorful, printable image like a fish or a friendly dragon that 3 inches or so in length. Divide the color into two parts. Print out about 30 of these images. Next, on the first color, write down a letter from the alphabet - on the second, write down a sound combination. Then cut out all the different parts.

The result? You can create simple three/four letter words that your child can put together (this works great if you're also using a Dr. Seuss book for reading practice). My daughter calls this "Fishtails." :-)

Based in Central NJ, Lingstar Learning is dedicated to giving every child the tools needed to create miracles. Contact us at 732-203-1194 to see what we can do for you!

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