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Lingstar Learning - Spark the love of learning in your child today.  Phonics, math, gifted, LD or learning disabled, every child has the ability to succeed.

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Ah, the joys of learning math! As the founder and president of my college's old math club, I love mathematics....but have to really really really struggle to retain the concepts.

Is your child the same? A firm grasp of mathematics is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child - the patterns of logical reasoning and deduction that it teaches can last him or her to far beyond college (my math background gave me programming abilities that pure compsci professionals lacked, because I was taught how to think outside of the box).

Ever wish you could zoom directly to the creative and academic resources online that you can use to teach your child math? Remember, it might just be that your child has a specific learning that another approach would help convey the material. can you find it?

Until now, you would have had to do all the above research yourself. But here at Lingstar Learning, I've compiled the official Comprehensive Mathematics Resource Map - a wealth of sites and data that will cut through the confusion and send you directly to the information your child needs. Included are precise pointers to:

  • 100s of FREE math software programs and exercises
  • Dozens of online learning resources (many with a month free trial)
  • More!

And this is not simply a collection of links to various/sundry places online. I've carefully organized all of these phonics resources into an importable, categorized favorites list that you can simply read into your browser and have at your fingertips. Learn more HERE!

Teaching your child math can be made far easier by applying their current interests to the topic at hand. After watching my children start to bore of the rote worksheets, I developed a method that incorporated their current interests (Pokemon, princesses and chess) with applicable mathematics concepts. The result? Instead of just memorizing addition and multiplication tables, my kids now know why such knowledge is valuable to possess. Hence, they're willing than ever to continue learning more.

This process was the 2nd method I tried and the one that struck gold. Click HERE to see how I did it.

Finally, here are some other products you might find beneficial for teaching your child math.


Based in Central NJ, Lingstar Learning is dedicated to giving every child the tools needed to create miracles. Contact us at 732-203-1194 to see what we can do for you!

Enjoy your visit!
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