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The train and the rainOrder here!Save save save! Are you a parent who loves sitting with your child and seeing your child learn? Someone who thrills to see your child's eyes light up when a concept is firmly grasped?

If so, this reading enrichment aid is for you. No, it's not Hooked on Phonics or Frontline Phonics or something else that costs over $300 ('matter of fact, it's less than 1/12th the price!). But the beauty of it is it can be used to enhance any reading instruction you're currently using.

The Lingstar Learning Reading Enrichment program outlines, step by step, the exact methods I took to teach my 4.8 year old daughter how to read in just a few weeks. An author of over 10 books already, I focused my researching skills to produce a customizable program you can tailor for your own child!

I approached reading for my child as a multi-sensory experience. Inside the program, you'll benefit from:

  • 85 that focus upon specific word families. Perhaps the book or lesson you're currently reading with your child deals with the -ain family (train, rain, grain, etc.). You can print out and customize as many practice copies of that word family as you need! My daughter's comprehension skyrocketed once she started SSW - visually seeing, saying and then writing these specific words. See an example of the 85 worksheets here! (note how the blank lines let you customize your child's well as being able to print out multiple examples!)
  • Over 50 Worksheets of Same Sounds Different Spellings. Once your child has mastered the basic sounds of the alphabet and letter combinations, it's time to actively apply that skill to reading. But what happens when your child knows what the long I sounds like...but then sees words like fine, bind, idea, might and more? Same Sounds Different Spellings give you the opportunity to focus your child's reading and learning on mastering all the different ways sounds can be written. And of course, like the Word Families worksheets above, you can print out as many copies of the sheets as you need.
  • Phonics Fishtails! A healthy skill in blending sounds can make reading so much easier for a child. To teach my child, I designed and printed up dozens of cute little fish that had beginning and end sounds written on them. Then I would sit with her and let her mix and match the different sounds, making sure to focus on those she was trying to read in the Easy Reader or Dr. Seuss books. But you don't have to spend the hours required to do that for your child - you'll receive the pdf file that has them already all listed and arranged. All you'll have to do is print them out and cut them out and then start to play.
  • Uno-style phonics game! My child adores playing uno (and beats her father at times too). I created over 100 different playing cards that used letter sounds and colors - when a player draws a card, she has to say outloud the sound represented and then play the game. And yes, you'll receive the pdf file of these colorful learning aids that you simply have to cut out, print, and incorporate into your child's reading enrichment.
  • Step-by-step parents teaching guide. By making reading into a wonderful adventure, I removed the stress and strain my child felt initially from trying something new. This took weeks to develop! But the final results are so positive that my daughter's preschool is following her progreess. You'll receive precise instructions on how to create a structured program your child loves (for each child, of course, learns differently). The worksheets, the fishtail blendings, the uno-style phonics game, your child's preschool, etc., can all be melded into a seamless learning process.

Not only that, but other chapters delve into where to go if reading disabilities are discovered, resources available online to uncover specific phonics lessons and much much more.


There are three different ways you can order the Lingstar Learning Reading Enrichment program. Which one is the best for you?

  • Electronic delivery. All of the above materials will be made available for you to download from the Internet - you'll save on Shipping and Handling too! All you have to do is print out whatever materials you want to use.
  • Printed delivery. All of the above materials will be shipped directly to your address! Not only that, but you'll also receive a CDROM of all the hundreds of worksheets too, ensuring you can create unlimited copies of your purchase.
  • Personalized printed delivery. Add only $10 - all of the above materials will first be personalized with a greeting of your choice to the recipient and then shipped directly to your address! Not only that, but you'll also receive a CDROM of all the hundreds of worksheets too, ensuring you can create unlimited copies of your purchase.

Think about it. For less than 1/30th of Hooked on Phonics or even two movie tickets on a Saturday afternoon, you can reserve for yourself the program I designed and development and used successfully to teach my own child how to read.

My other books have consistently won top praise in all the industries they focus. My professional credentials include being quoted as an authority in the Wall Street Journal, interviewed by and more. I am completely confident you will find the Lingstar Learning Reaching Enrichment Aid to provide your child the benefits he or she needs to blossom key reading skills.

YES! I want to take advantage of the special pre-launch offer!
Order here

Based in Central NJ, Lingstar Learning is dedicated to giving every child the tools needed to create miracles. Contact us at 732-203-1194 to see what we can do for you!

Enjoy your visit!
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