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Logical learners grasp ideas by using patterns of deductive logical reasoning. They learn best in the classroom when they can use mathematics and logic to solve problems. Attention to detail and wanting to know exactly why things are the way they are is one common characteristic of these children....often they'll challenge teachers with the depth of their questions.

At home, giving your child lots of outlets for logical activities can be very useful. For example, perhaps your child is learning about the pyramids. Provide dice or sugar cubes and ask her or him to come up with the equation for calculating the number of blocks at the bottom. If sparking interest in other subjects is difficult, figure out ways to relate math and logic to them.

Want an example? Maybe your child is learning about the history of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Ask him or her to plot out the actual trail that was used, and how the trail could be better optimized if they had known the country they were to travel. How many days would it take back then to travel from the Great Shining Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, given that each day they had to deal with weather conditions and a hostile environment?

Taking a current assignment and uncovering the logic and math behind it can work wonders for logical learners.

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