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Berkley, trade paperback, ISBN 0-425-14368-6
Jove, mass market paperback, ISBN 0-515-11966-0's Expert Editor's Recommended Book

The tale of a woman warrior who was a beacon light of hope for her people, and a brilliant roman senator who was the one man in the empire who dared confronting the tyrannical emperor with the powerful truth.

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The Light Bearer was an immediate international bestseller. It received a 'starred' review in Publishers Weekly, and was lavishly praised by The Washington Post. The novel is the product of twelve years of research into the history, culture and mythology of classical Rome and the proto-Germanic tribes.

"Throughout this monumental story, Gillespie constantly increases the excitement and intrigue. There are no flat passages in The Light Bearer, only a fast-flowing stream that erupts into a full-scale torrent at the book's conclusion. Let us hope we will see more from this sparkling new author."



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